#TheEduCal Blog Submissions

Thank you for considering contributing to #TheEduCal Blog. We are looking for a variety of articles, including the following:
  • Reflections from conferences or other learning opportunities
  • Discussion of conferences and conference-culture (recommendations, trends, predictions, mindsets, etc.) 
  • Thoughts about professional learning, presenting, and conference learning in general
  • Strategies for continuing the learning after the event

We hope to publish both original content from our users as well as re-publish relevant articles from other publications with permission.

Use the form below to propose a blog post idea or to submit a previously published work for consideration. We welcome other ideas and contributions than can help fulfill our mission statement to tell positive stories of professional learning and growth. All posts are subject to approval. Please review the blog submission below.

Guidelines for publication:

  • Writing should consist of approximately 600-800 words. An informal tone is encouraged.
  • Organize the content with subheadings if appropriate. 
  • Contributors are encouraged to include links, pictures, video, Tweets, or other media in posts.
  • Please share all posts in a Google Doc with theeducationcalendar@gmail.com.
  • Include a brief author bio with finished posts. Feel free to include a picture and to highlight your experience, blogs, social media, etc.


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  3. I sent my son to learn critical thinking, reading, and writing inEnglish 10. Instead, his class was taught Twitter by Adam Schoenbart.